Dear you

How are you these days?

I hope you are well wherever you are. I hope this letter finds you happy, because god knows that seems to be a rarity in this world.

And I hope you are at peace with your choices.

I have witnessed recently, seen it my entire life really, people staying in a bad situation because they feel that they are fulfilling some kind of debt. Maybe I have it wrong, maybe they are staying in the bad situation because that think that at the end of it they’ll get a prize or a gold star, something that says it was worth it; Your unhappiness was just a stage you had to ride through to achieve exactly what you wanted.

Maybe this does happen for some people, but more often than not what i witness, what I have  done, is holding on too long, and only when you step away from the root of your misery do you get that gold star.

If you are unhappy with something, dissatisfied with yourself, then step away, do things differently, it will be the hardest thing you have ever done, and it won’t fix it like a light switch, but if you alter your life in tiny ways, change in the smallest, slowest of manners, then maybe things will improve just a bit. Maybe you’ll smile just a little bit more, and maybe something glorious will happen.

If you are with somebody who makes you miserable, then leave them. Seriously, if that heaviness settles in stomach when you see them, if they have hurt you, betrayed you, or simply if you don’t love them wholly, completely, undeniably, if you don’t trust them, leave them, there are greater things out there. There is a love out there that will be better, that will drown out your bad past like a snuffed candle.

It is not worth wasting your time on.

My mum and dad stayed together for a decade, it was a decade of arguments and war, and i don’t understand, even now why they stayed together. There was little love, only fear of being alone, they wasted so much time in a bad situation, and only when my mum stepped away, only when she gave up, was there room for forgiveness, and healing. They are now best friends, they have a better relationship now then when they were together.

so don’t be with a person because you are scared of being alone, or because you are scared to leave them alone. You can love someone and not be in love with them and you will be happier if you stop pretending they can be same thing.

I suppose what I mean, in the end, Is be sure of the person you are with, be certain of them, and be at peace with yourself when you are with them, so you can be happy.

The most important thing is you surround yourself with people who make you into the kind of person you want to be. we are different when we are around people, so be sure to be happy with the you, you are when you are around friends.

and lastly if you are unhappy because of somebody else, anybody else, that bully who spits coke in your hair, that boss who leers down at you. Remember they are not worth your time, let alone any space in your heart. Don’t let them affect you. You are awesome.

And hopefully, you don’t need to know any of this because you are happy.

All my love

Me. x


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