Dear You Life keeps changing. shifting, moving, I am stood on sand, and I am running. I am putting all of my energy into going forward that I just keep falling deeper into the sand, my feet sinking. things around me are the same, I am in the same place, with the same dreams, loving […]

Dear You I used to write poetry. You’ve probably read some of them, scattered here on the internet, jotted down in books, and hidden in disarray on my hard drive, you may have even read the one soul poem I have published. My only published work.   You probably already know most of my poems are […]

Dear you I have always been the kind of person that like things to be symmetrical, or exactly central. The best, and perhaps most amusing example of this little idiosyncrasy is the peculiar way i choose my bakewell tart. I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten a bakewell tart. it’s this little sugary thing covered […]

Dear you    It has been a strange week. not bad, just odd. I’ve come to the slow forming conclusion that my biggest personal hurdle is my deep set, soul ingrained trust issues. They’ve become a bit of a inside joke really, one where people roll their eyes, and tut their tongues, and generally don’t […]