Dear you How are you these days? I hope you are well wherever you are. I hope this letter finds you happy, because god knows that seems to be a rarity in this world. And I hope you are at peace with your choices. I have witnessed recently, seen it my entire life really, people […]

Dear You I hardly write anymore, I think this  year has ebbed away the faith I had in my voice, in my words. These letters were a way to try and grasp back that confidence, to try and believe in the power of my own voice again. Seems a little self centered doesn’t it? But […]

Dear You I used to write poetry. You’ve probably read some of them, scattered here on the internet, jotted down in books, and hidden in disarray on my hard drive, you may have even read the one soul poem I have published. My only published work.   You probably already know most of my poems are […]

Dear You  I am Lost. I think every early twenty-something year old can say this about themselves. There is something about the impending shadow of adulthood that makes you unravel. As a child, you’re running, leaping, eager for this point, you think the moment you can shrug off the shackles of childhood, you’re free! like […]

Dear You    As you may already know I don’t like the way I look, I know you may feel the same way about yourself, it’s a disease that seems to touch us all a little.     We can ask ourselves over and over, WHY THE HELL DOES IT MATTER??!! and I’m here to not […]